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Delay / Closure Information

We use many lines of communication in an effort to provide accurate and timely information on delays or closures.

Mass Notification System:

If you have a student enrolled in one of our schools, please ensure that you have up-to-date contact numbers and email addresses listed with the school office so that you can receive updates when they are sent out.


District Website:

District Nixle Page (also provides mobile and email updates if desired):

District Twitter Page (also provides mobile updates if desired):

District Facebook Page


District Main Line:

(505) 334-9474, option 9


Choose your favorite local station.





Inclement Weather

School Delay / Closure Decision Process

I would like to inform everyone of the process we use to make decisions regarding delays and cancellations.  Many times conditions in our district are different than the conditions in our neighboring districts and charter schools.  There are also many times when our weather is very similar to our peers.  Our process begins very early in the morning and is focused on student and staff safety.

Mr. John Laws, the current Transportation Director for the district, and myself communicate very early on days that show signs of inclement weather.  Typically Mr. Laws and members of his department are out on the roads well before the time he calls so that we can get an idea of what we might be facing in some of the outlying areas of our district.  The main roads are usually taken care of very early by the city and with the traffic load they are normally passable fairly early in the mornings.  We use the available information and I make a decision about whether a delay or cancellation is necessary before 6:00 a.m.  We continue to monitor the conditions of roads, bus-stops, parent drop-off zones, sidewalks, and other key areas for about an hour and a half.  The initial decision can change if conditions do not improve or get worse.  Normally any adjustment to the initial decision is made before 7:45 a.m.  We understand that delaying or closing schools puts a strain on parents, students, and staff alike.  We do not like to make late decisions regarding delays and closures, but there are times when this becomes necessary in order to keep our stakeholders safe. 

As you can see, there are many factors that we must consider during the process.   

I thought I would share this information with you because there are times when we have to make different decisions in our district compared to those around us, but again they are made to ensure that everyone is safe.   

Kirk M. Carpenter
Aztec Municipal School District
1118 W. Aztec Blvd
505-334-9474 - Office

Cold Weather Safety Information